SDCC 2018: IDW Provides Sneak Peeks Of Full Bleed Volume 2

by Gary Catig

Full Bleed is a quarterly subscription supported pop culture magazine published by IDW.  It was inspired by Comics Journal but wants to take a broader approach.  During San Diego Comic Con, Dirk Wood moderated a panel to inform people about the publication and the wide variety of content it provides. Wood hopes that people can pop in and out similar to how a Rolling Stone is read compared to a single sitting.

Panelists included a number of people discussing their contributions to the magazine. IDW CEO, Ted Adams wrote an article about a trip to Cuba he and other American publishers took to meet counterparts on the Caribbean island. This trip made him appreciate the freedoms he has in this country since Cuban publishers are heavily censored by the government. He also expressed his concern of bringing a volume of March there for a book exchange due to its political subject matter.
Robbie Robbins spoke of his gallery section where he tries to showcase art from someone with a comic book tie. He has spotlighted Portland artist, Jesse Reno, who has collaborated with Grrl Scouts creator Jim Mahfood.
Gideon Kendall will have a fun adventure story published in the magazine. In addition, as a foodie, he will also create 1-page recipe stories.
During her research for Surfside Girl, creator, Kim Dwinell, came upon the tale of Califia. She found it so interesting, that she created a comic for issue #2 of Full Bleed. It tells the story of a warrior queen living on the island of California.
The horror WW II story, The Lost Boys of the U-boat Bremen, continues. It is written by Philip Kennedy Johnson with art by Steve Beach.
Jen Vaughn contributed the comic, The Dugout. It is autobiographical and is about her love of softball and how one day she experienced a serious hand injury while playing. It also covers the anxiety it caused because of how her injury would affect her ability to draw.
Also appearing in the second volume is an interview conducted by Vaughn with Archival Quality creators Ivy Weir and Christina “Steenz” Stewart. The two creators discuss some of their career similarities they share like working in a comic book store and becoming librarians. They also talk about their comic about a woman working in a medical oddities museum. The woman is haunted by a ghost and Stewart and Weir hope to normalize mental health through their story.
Jaret Melendez is the resident travel writer and talked about whiskey tasting in Japan with his significant other. In the second issue, he has a story about visiting Iceland. Other places he has planned for the future are Mexico and London.
Other sneak peeks into the second volume include Picture One by John Raymond where he finds weird polaroids and writes an essay about him figuring out the significance of the photo. There will be interviews with the Hernandez Brothers, Walter Simonson, Sam Coomes, Grant Morrison and Nnedi Okorafor and an article about how comic art stores are becoming respected real art stores.

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