Swag! A Massive SDCC 2018 Haul

by Gary Catig

One cool thing about San Diego Comic Con is that everyone’s experience is unique. There are so many different things available to enjoy from panels, signings, offsite activations, exclusives and more. Earlier you saw all the goodies our executive editor walked away with from the show.
Fortunately for me, SDCC is my local show so I didn’t have to worry about fitting all my stuff into a luggage.  I was only limited to what I could bring and take back with me on the trolley. I received so much stuff that I couldn’t fit it all in one photograph.

I picked up a fair number of posters either that were handed out on the exhibition floor (DC, Lego Marvel, Galaktikon) or at panels (Adventure Time, San Diego or Bust, Sandman). Also, at some panels, they handed out limited edition variants.

The best events to get freebies were the Vertigo Panel (Sandman poster, early full preview issues and digital issues of Sandman #1-75) or giving blood (T-shirt, mug, and Ms. Marvel comic).

I think some of my favorites are the Chew pin and sticker for saying the secret phrase to John Layman and the guitar pick for upcoming series, Murder Falcon.

Some exclusives I purchased were a Skeletor T-shirt from Super7 and for my first time, some of the Lego sets.  I had previously read the first issue of Keenan Marshall Keller’s Galactic Breakdown so I picked up the remaining issues along with the special San Diego one off issue of Calexit.

In addition, I commissioned some artwork including the Juggerduck from Daniel Warren Johnson.

One of the Filipino OG’s in comics, Alex Niño, provided a nice addition to my sketchbook with a Head Lopper drawing.

Finally, you can’t go to a Comic Con without getting your books signed.  I met and chatted with so many great and talented creators during the show.

I also got these guys signed bringing me closer to a completely autographed set.

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