The Depression, Dilemma, And Fierce Looking Wardrobe Of Mister Miracle #10

by Olly MacNamee

With only a few issues left in this series, I thought I’d have a better grasp of events that I currently have. I still can’t shake the feeling that this is all some kind of Jacob’s Ladder purgatory-like type of story, especially now that the film has been referenced by the comic itself and their kid is called Jacob, but I may be mistaken. Although, the similarly depressive tone, made light only by the odd moment or two of family love, still hangs over the series like grey, ominous cloud on an otherwise sunny day. Not much has been answered of my original thoughts over a year ago now. Although, Scott Free’s failed suicide attempt is also referenced again, after a long while. Should we be picking up on these narrative nudges or not?
So, to stop my head from hurting anymore, here’s what I do know. I think.
What I can be certain of (can I?) is that Scott and Barda now have to contemplate a moral dilemma that no parent should have to make. Although, in some ways, his father did just that when he swapped Scott for Orion as an attempt to bring peace to worlds of the New Gods. He even goes as far as asking a total stranger his thoughts on the subject, while out prepping for Jacob’s 1st birthday party. Time has certainly moved on since the start of this series, and it shows. Not just in Jake’s age and forthcoming birthday, but also in the growth of his beard that is more akin to the facial styling of Mitch Gerard than Tom King these days. I hope he keeps the beard. Beards are cool.

It’s another emotionally charged issue as Barda has her say, too. It’s not simply Scott’s choice, y’know. And, after all, she’s had the tougher time of it, arguably. Fighting in a year-long war is tough enough, but to become a first-time mother and pick her own husband up off of a bloody, cold floor is even harder to juggle. She’s quite right in asking her spouse, when does she get to escape? When does she get to be herself?
Problems escalate off-page once again where the war is concerned, but we have another finely tuned issue that sees Scott out on the town with old friends Booster Gold and Blue Beetle – another glaring clue that not all is as it should be as, surely, since they can’t be friends if their League never existed – as well as embroiled in other everyday family affairs. But with superpowered friends and family. In these moments, we have a brief break from the moroseness felt by Scott Free that thereby permeates this book. Waiting for a Boom Tube seems to be like waiting for an Uber, while Jacob and his ‘Uncle’ Funky Flashman have a great time together creating fantastic stories of the imagination that are more than a nod to the collaboration of a certain Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. “Excelsior,” indeed, Funky. Plus, I also learnt that Mister Miracle has the best causal wear in the whole DCU. Fact!

I can be certain of something then, at least. Even if it’s Scott’s fashion sense and flair. Now, point me to the ship he got that miraculous shirt from, will you?
Mister Miracle #10 is currently available from DC Comics.

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