There’s Actually A Kickstarter Called ‘Metalshark Bro’ And You Should Check It Out

by Hannah Means Shannon

I’ve been seeing this comic project popping up in my social media feed, shared by many estimable comics professionals with a caption along the lines of “Look at this title!”. Yes, there’s a comic currently funding on Kickstarter called Metalshark Bro. And while the title is enough to make you laugh and perhaps even take a look at the campaign, what people should also be saying is “Look at that art!!”.

This is a really cool looking book with a wild premise, written by Bob Franz and Kevin Cuffe, with that rather compelling art by Walter Ostlie.
Here’s the idea behind it:

Off the coast of Bali, a shark is chillin’ and looking for a bite to eat. Enter Beelzebra, the douchey nephew of Satan. On a whim, this douche interrupts this chill fish, transmuting him into a heinous anthropomorphic shark with a penchant for brutal murder. Thus is born METALSHARK BRO! All caps ’cause it’s so damn METAL!
Our boy, MSB, finds this situation totally heinous and not agreeable in the least. Beelzebra promises to return Metalshark Bro back to normal if MSB collects (i.e. straight up kills) some sell-your-soul contract breakers.

Well, there’s more to the story than that, but I’ll direct you to the campaign page to learn about the book, which will have over 88 pages of story and run to over 100 pages in total.
Here’s more of that art:

The campaign has about 7 days to go and is stalking towards its funding goal, so get on board while you can for an interesting and gutsy project.
Trailer below:

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