Mind MGMT Kickstarter Blows Past Funding Goal, Adds Final Incentives

by Hannah Means Shannon

We spoke with writer and artist Matt Kindt early in the Kickstarter campaign for his all-new Mind MGMT comic with vinyl record, and now that we’re heading into the end of the campaign, we thought we’d let you know that a new tier of rewards has been added to the mix, especially since the campaign has surpassed its goals many times over and is definitely going to be fulfilled.
Kindt explains how the comic/record set works:

Thinking about how the experience will be for a reader/listener, it’s going to work the same way the Mind MGMT comics did – there’s the main story and then there’s some side text sort of subliminally laid in on the side. So you can attack the story in a few different ways – read all of the comic and then the side text…or read them both…or side text first. And if you’re not familiar with Mind MGMT – don’t worry about what I just said – you won’t be lost. This is designed to introduce you to the concept of Mind MGMT so anyone can pick this up.

The book and record are already an immersive experience, taking you into the world of powered super spies, with the record acting as a special recording that works in tandem with the text, rather than acting as a soundtrack, with vocals performed by Clint McElroy.

But the new rewards incluse a whole Mind MGMT “New Recruit” Mini-Comic in the style of infamous tractarian Jack Chick, who used the comics medium to try to convert readers to his faith. Alongside the whole new mini-comic, a set of prints by major artists Jeff Lemire, Jim Rugg, and David Rubin have been added, including a “mystery guest”.

Here’s a complete list of what’s been added to the campaign:

MIND MGMT “NEW RECRUIT” MINI COMIC – $20 (just increase your pledge amount)
20-page MIND MGMT mini-comic. 2-color cover, black and white insides. This is a Kickstarter exclusive. And the debut of another all-new MIND MGMT story that has never been seen before. It is a Jack Chick-style tract format mini-comic with an all-new story featuring the recruitment story of one of MIND MGMT’s youngest agents – the Animal Kid. It ties in to the comic book/record but also stands on its own.
* SET OF 4 PRINTS – $40   by Jeff Lemire, Jim Rugg, David Rubin and a mystery guest;
* “NEW RECRUIT” ANIMAL KID MINIATURE PAINTING – $10 (just increase your pledge amount)

The campaign time is running out at less than 48 hours remaining, so this is your last chance to take part in this multi-media exploration of the world of Mind MGMT. Jump in now while you can.

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