Bobby Drake Is Joined By Amazing Friends In Iceman #3

by James Ferguson

Bobby Drake’s life is heating up. Yes, that’s a bad pun, but I’m going with it. This November, Iceman goes on a blind date and has to fight off Mr. Sinister. He’s not alone though. He’s getting a little help from some…amazing friends. That’s right, folks.
Get ready for the return of Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends in Iceman #3 as the webhead and Firestar come in to help out their old pal.

Writer Sina Grace says:

As a lifelong Spider-Man and X-Fan, I forced C.B. Cebulski to swear he wasn’t kidding when the opportunity to write a Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends team-up happened. Expect me to one-up Chip Zdarsky on quips and dynamic action!

Iceman #3 from Marvel Comics is written by Sina Grace and illustrated by Nathan Stockman.  It features a cover by W. Scott Forbes and will be available on November 7th, 2018.

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