Contortionist Troy James To Play Rag Doll In Fifth Season Of The Flash

by Erik Amaya


Rag Doll is set to bring his bendable sort of crime to Central City in The Flash‘s fifth season.
TVInsider reports America’s Got Talent veteran and contortionist Troy James will play the limber villain and Secret Six alum. He was created by Gardner Fox in 1942’s Flash Comics #36 as Peter Merkel, a circus side-show performer with enormous range in his ligaments and tendons who eventually turned to a life of crime. The character has gone through a number of revamps across the decades, though his presence in Flash history has always a constant. In the late 1990s Starman series, he was a cult leader in Opal City and later traded his soul to the demon Necron for renewed youth and vigor. His son, Peter Jr., would go on to become an anti-hero in the popular Secret Six series where he wrestled with his father’s legacy and the cybernetic implants he grafted to his body in order to become as limber as Peter Sr.
Little is known about the television version at this point, other than James’s remarkable ability to bend and stretch himself into remarkable positions will allow the character an impressive verisimilitude on screen.
The Flash returns October 9th on The CW.

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