Next Week’s ‘Batwoman’ Sees The Arrival Of Cluemaster

by Erik Amaya

With the Snakebite cooking story finally done — it is done right? For reals this time? — Batwoman shifts gears to a villain of the week plot as Cluemaster devises a puzzle for Sophie(Meagan Tandy). But will she also use her knowledge of Batwoman’s identity to become a full member of Team Batwoman? Meanwhile, Kate (Wallis Day) — still under the impression she’s Roman’s (Peter Outerbridge) daughter — plans to extract information on Ryan (Javicia Leslie) from Alice (Rachel Skarsten) Will she successfully get the intel or will they recognize they’re sisters?

We’ll be honest, this phase of the storyline has not been our favorite run of episodes. The kidnappings of Angelique (Bevin Bru) and Ocean (Nathan Owens) failed to be all that interesting and Roman’s desire for the Snakebite recipe never felt vital. All that said, we loved that it lead to Ryan and Alice bonding. As strange as this sounds, an unlikely friendship emerging between them might be the best thing this show could go. Sure, Alice orchestrated the murder of Ryan’s adoptive mother and Ryan left Alice for dead, but friends can let those things go, can’t they?

Also, are we absolutely sure Angelique is going into witness protection this time?

And as has become our refrain the last few episodes, we cannot wait for the last Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) episode. We really wish they could do something more interesting with him, but …

In the meantime, we’ll focus on the interesting elements like Roman’s emerging plan for Gotham, Alice eventually recognizing Kate (or vice versa), and Sophie finally recognizing that the Crows are the real big bad in town.

Batwoman airs Sundays on The CW.

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