Get Dressed In ‘Scott Pilgrim’ And Support Comic Shops With Oni-Lion Forge And BINC

by Richard Bruton

Oni-Lion Forge Publishing, Bryan Lee O’Malley, and BINC (Book Industry Charitable Foundation) come together to support comic shops with the ‘Survive to Thrive’ campaign and an exclusive limited Bryan Lee O’Malley t-shirt.

The pandemic has hit comic shops and book stores hard, cutting back sales and forcing many of them to the risk of shutting up shop in an industry that’s always been precarious.

So, always good to be able to report something, anything that’s being done to support them.

The Book Industry Charitable (BINC) Foundation is a nonprofit that coordinates charitable programs to give help to booksellers and comic shops. Since 1996, it’s provided over $9 million in financial assistance and scholarships to more than 9,000 families.

And from March through December 2020, BINC raised and distributed over $2.9 million, helping more than 2,200 book and comic stores and more than 600 individuals, through its ‘Survive to Thrive campaign.

You can get involved through their website but you can also get your mitts on this little beauty…

That’s the brand-new 11th anniversary T-shirt from Scott Pilgrim creator, Bryan Lee O’Malley, a limited edition tee, produced by Oni-Lion Forge publishers, with 10% of all proceed going to BINC to support their Survive to Thrive campaign

Featuring Ramona Flowers with her classic star bag, the T-shirt is available for $35 via the Oni Press webstore. You can send your preorders in now, until May 19, 2021 – get in there quick though, this one’s bound to sell out. The shirt will ship by August.

“We are honored to be included in this major anniversary event. Bryan’s generosity will help comic shops across the country as they work to recover from the impact of the pandemic. We continue to be humbled by the comic community’s support and advocacy.” – Pam French, BINC Foundation executive director.

“Scott Pilgrim has meant so much to its fans and the comics community over the years—from the graphic novels to the movie. Bringing together Bryan’s vision and Binc’s focus in aiding the comics community was a natural fit, and we’re thrilled to work together in giving back to the people who have done so much over the years”. – James Lucas Jones, Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group publisher.

Now, if you’ve seen all that, you’ll know it’s a good thing. But there’s SO much more you can do to support your local comic shops and book shops. They’re the lifeblood of the industry, they’re something that just can’t be replicated by huge online websites offering you massive discounts on graphic novels.

NO comic shop needs to close due to the pandemic, not if you’re willing to get out there and support them.

And, if you’re a regular at your local comic shop and have a standing order or pull list, the one massively important thing you can and MUST do is clear it. It’s a wonderful service your LCS offers, putting aside your regular comics and keeping them for you to pick up at your convenience, but it also means a huge chunk of that valuable cash flow is tied up in the pull lists every month. And the longer you leave it, the worse it gets for them. So, go in, clear your pull list, buy your comics. If you’re not going to be able to get in for months, let them know, talk to them about posting them to you. ANYTHING to help the comic shops.

Because if we don’t help the comic shops – they won’t be around for us when we really need them!

Without the comic shops, your weekly comic fix won’t happen, you’ll lose that community hub, you’ll lose the place that puts on signings of your favourite comics and book creators, you’ll lose the place where the staff and the owner know what you like and go out of their way to show your next favourite comic… and that’s something A****on can’t do for you!

Yes, we know times are tight, we know that 30%+ discount is so tempting. BUT… if you can, even if it’s only a few dollars, a few quid, go to your local comic shop and give them your cash!

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