Henry Cavill Has His Say (Sort Of) In Regards To Superman Role

by Erik Amaya

Superman Watch 2018 reaches an apex of sorts as Man of Steel star Henry Cavil makes his own statement about his continuing role as Superman. Or, at the very least, he issued a pointed Instagram video.


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Today was exciting #Superman

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In the short video loop, Cavill can be seen wearing a “Krypton Lifting Team” t-shirt. As a dog version of “The Blue Danube” waltz plays, the actor slowly raises a Superman action figure featuring his own likeness. His comment on the video: “Today was exciting #Superman.”
Early this morning, The Hollywood Reporter published a story indicating Cavill’s days as the Man of Steel were coming to an end because he and Warner Bros. Pictures could not come to terms for him to make a cameo in next March’s Shazam!. His agent, Dany Garcia, subsequently posted a reassuring Tweet telling fans to “be peaceful,” because “the cape is still in his closet.” Warner Bros. Pictures later issued a statement declaring “while no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films, we’ve always had great respect for and a great relationship with Henry Cavill, and that remains unchanged.”
A Deadline report also indicated Michael B. Jordan may be in the frame as the new Superman even as Warner Bros. Pictures pivots over to making a Supergirl feature film.
But with Cavill’s somewhat ambiguous post, the actor appears to suggest the rumors of his retirement are grossly overestimated. Or, like Jon Hamm’s recent comments about becoming Batman, he just wants to read a good script.
Whether or not he remains, the fragility of Warner Bros. attempt to create a DC film universe continues as a constant theme in stories like this. All it took was an industry paper to suggest the actor might be leaving for all sorts of talk to begin. And that may be because it’s so easy to believe the studio could loose one of its key actors with little difficulty.
As we’ve said before, the real issues at Warner Bros. are systemic. If they are ever resolved, than maybe they can finally make a good Superman movie. Maybe Cavill will even star in it.

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