Brett Cullen To Take Over Thomas Wayne Role In Joker

by Erik Amaya


Thomas Wayne has a new face.
The Wrap reports Ghost Rider‘s Brett Cullen will play Thomas Wayne in Todd Phillip’s Joker. The character will be part of Gotham City society and somehow relate to Arthur’s (Joaquin Phoenix) birth as the Clown Prince of Crime. The actor has some previous Gotham experience as he appeared in The Dark Knight Rises as Congressman Byron Gilley
Late last month, reports suggested Alec Baldwin would play the role, envisioned as a pastiche of the current US president. The actor took to his Twitter account to aggressively deny the report, writing, “That is not happening. Not. Happening.” The next day, Baldwin told USA Today he bowed out due to scheduling conflicts and that anyone could easily replace him.
It is unclear if Cullen will play him as a spoiled land baron. The traditional depiction of the character sees him as principled man who uses a portion of his fortune to fund charitable efforts. It is a tradition upheld by his son Bruce, who continues to fund and direct the Wayne Foundation in most versions of the Batman legend. But Joker is not a traditional film. It gives Joker an unambiguous origin and name while re-inventing other aspects of the mythos. It is possible, like an Elseworlds story of old, this Thomas Wayne will be spoiled and vain like so many true-to-life industrialists.
Besides Cullen and Phoenix, the film will also feature actors like Frances Conroy, Zazie Beetz, Marc Maron and Robert DeNiro. It is slated for an October 4th, 2019 release.

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