Denver Comic Con Renames As Denver Pop Culture Con, Expands To Reno For 2019

by Hannah Means Shannon

Some really big news has come out of Denver this week for their massive comic convention founded in 2010 and rising to attendance numbers well over 100,000 for the charity-based event.
The convention has officially announced a name change from Denver Comic Con to Denver Pop Culture Con, which was substantial news in itself, but the organization also revealed an expansion to host a new convention in Reno, Nevada in 2019.
The Denver event is an offshoot of the children’s literacy charity organization Pop Culture Classroom, and in 2018 hosted the first ever Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards (EGLs) which brought much-needed focus on children’s and YA graphic novels as well as wider fare.
Denver Pop Culture Con released the following statement:
After much discussion, and careful deliberation, the leadership team at Pop Culture Classroom has decided to change the name of its signature event from Denver Comic Con to Denver Pop Culture Con.

Conversation around a name change has been going on for several years, with the goal to create stronger brand alignment between Pop Culture Classroom’s name and its signature events, including Denver Pop Culture Con and Reno Pop Culture Con, a new event debuting in 2019.
Fans can rest assured that Denver Pop Culture Con will continue to celebrate the comic book culture and artists on which it was built. The new name is meant to encompass everything that goes on at the con — comics, television and film, authors, cosplay, workshops, educational programming, and all other aspects of pop culture fandom Denver Comic Con has grown to include since its inception in 2010. With the addition of Reno Pop Culture Con, now is the ideal time for the name change. Pop Culture Classroom is focused on ensuring both the Denver and Reno shows are world-class, inclusive events.
Tickets to Denver Pop Culture Con 2019 will go on sale November 13th at 10 a.m. MT for 2018 Speed Pass holders and November 14th at 10 a.m. MT for the general public. Tickets to Reno Pop Culture Con will be available in January 2019.
The name change does come on the heels of the substantial legal victory that Comic-Con International, aka San Diego Comic-Con won over Salt Lake City Comic-Con for the use of the name “Comic-Con”, which has prompted massive speculation about the future use of the phrase “Comic-Con” or variations thereof in the branding of a plethora of events across the country.
The term “Pop Culture Con” itself may well be more accurately descriptive of many convention events that include comics, but are not limited to comics in their focus, and it’d be surprising if we didn’t see more use of descriptors like this in the coming days.
Denver Pop Culture Con’s full press release can be found here.

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