We Learn Something About The Rules Of Magic In Justice League Dark #3

by Olly MacNamee

Justice League Dark #3 continues to be a fascinating read as we get something of a glimpse behind the wizard’s curtain, so to speak, and witness some of the rules that govern the use of magic by mortals such as Zatanna and her father, Zatara in the DCU. Seems like there’s always a price to pay and part of the remote for this title will be seeing what price the varied supernaturally empowered, or simply straight-out spooky characters like Man-Bat, pay as the DC universe continues to be affected by the breakdown of the Source Wall and the release of energies that are playing havoc with whatever laws of physics govern the universe. And how magic will be changed, too.

James Tynion IV continues to impress with Dr Fate’s tower still in the grips of the Upside-Down Man. A name that sounds ridiculous, but you’ll find his appearance far from ridiculous. Tynion IV seems to have a good grasp on scripting suitably stand out moments of horror (such as Detective Chimp melting) as well as the more dynamic and dramatic too, such as when John Constantine lets loose on the aforementioned Upside-Down Man. All the while, accompanied by Alvaro Martinez Bueno (art) and Brad Anderson (on colours), who offers up big, bold pages of action and a revelation involving Wonder Woman’s own ties to the realms of magic that will lead directly into the week’s spin-off mini-series, The Witching Hour crossing-over with both Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark.

Tynion IV balances the varied voices of the team well, with plenty of practice on the bat-family fuelled book, Detective Comics, showing he can easily juggle varied voices and sustain characters too. This issue very much focuses us on Zatanna, but there will be time enough to catch up with Detective Chimp, Swamp Thing and others too. It’s a fascinating development for the Justice League franchise and while it’s been done before I do hope this time it’s here to stay. We could do with more books in this vein and, who knows, its success could lead to more horror and supernatural stories from DC.
Justice League Dark #3 is available now for DC Comics.

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