Check Out The F***ked Up Red Band Trailer For MFKZ

by Tito W. James

MFKZ (Mutafukaz) released a new red band trailer that helps shed some light on the film’s ludicrous plot. Angelino was just a normal delivery boy until a near fatal road collision caused him to see aliens that had previously been hiding in plain sight. With blood thirsty gangs and shady government organizations on his tail, alien monsters might be the least of Angelio’s worries.

What has me really excited for MFKZ are the two animation studios that are collaborating for the film. Japan’s Studio 4°C is known for their work on Tekkonkinkreet and its hyper-detailed background art. This studio also brought us Mind Game and The Animatrix. French studio Ankama,  previously produced the Dofus Book 1: Julith, a film  with such richly animated fights scenes that I just dropped a link below for you viewing pleasure.

MFKZ has two animation powerhouses behind it and a crazy plot to match. Hurry up and grab tickets because MFKZ is only in U.S. theaters on the 11th and 16th this month.

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