Guided By A Severed Head: Death Orb #1 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Rider leaves a bar and is met by a gang of assailants claiming to be working for Father and the Lords. One is a bird-like man with no eyes. After dispatching the other men, Rider takes the head of the man. Rider is searching for his wife, and he must traverse this dangerous world run by dangerous doomsday cult zealots to find her. Hopefully, the bird-like man’s head will help.

Death Orb #1 cover by Alejandro Aragon
Death Orb #1 cover by Alejandro Aragon

Death Orb #1 brings to mind such post-apocalypse stories like Into the Badlands and Mad Max with its tale of a lone rider scouring the world and fighting with advanced and over-the-top martial arts techniques.
Despite the elaborate setup, the plot is both simple and a little vague. We learn little of Rider in this first issue or why exactly he thinks this severed head is the key to finding his wife. The bird-like man has some kind of psychic abilities, but one would think those run out upon removing his head from his body.
We don’t learn much about Father or the Lords beyond the religious imagery and the dominating everything.
That said, you don’t really need to know much more to get into this first issue. The scenario is unique and bizarre, and Rider is a bit of fun, helped by the fact that he can roundhouse kick bandits in the head like Bruce friggin’ Lee.
Death Orb #1 art by Alejandro Aragon and Chris O'Halloran
Death Orb #1 art by Alejandro Aragon and Chris O’Halloran

Alejandro Aragon’s artwork is kinetic and flowing, and it makes for great action sequences throughout. The visual design is distinct and, at times, quite bizarre. It suits the tone and story of this comic near-perfectly. Chris O’Halloran provides the color art, and it’s an excellent mixture of neon tones and darker shades.
Death Orb #1 is an interesting and fun first step into this new world and miniseries. The lead is strange yet intriguing, the world is similarly bizarre and menacing, and the artwork is hard-hitting and unique. This comic is worth checking out and earns a recommendation.
Death Orb #1 comes to us from writer Ryan Ferrier, artist Alejandro Aragon, color artist Chris O’Halloran, letterer Ryan Ferrier, and cover artist Alejandro Aragon.

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