Exclusive Preview: London Seethes With Violence In Olivia Twist #2 From Berger Books

by Hannah Means Shannon

A Dystopian title with a big literary “twist”, Olivia Twist from Berger Books at Dark Horse releases its second issue on October 24th, taking us back into the world of mysterious youthful street gangs and a future that, at times, seems hopeless.
Written by Darin Straus and Adam Dalva, with art by Emma Vieceli, colors by Lee Loughridge and rather stunning cover art by Vanesa Del Rey, the series so far follows Olivia as she escapes from a kind of work-house for orphans and tries to rescue a young boy along with herself, only to lose him to his former captors. Will she be able to find Pip again?

Meanwhile, in the year 2050 in London, she’s joined a gang called The Esthers, and they send her on a heist into the Vertical City, “a mile-high tower”, the last refuge for wealthy Americans who have lost their country.
Dark Horse teases:

But there’s incredible danger waiting for her on all sides: the mysterious killer from her nightmares, machine-augmented men, the most powerful C.E.O. in the world. And there is also, as it turns out, an even greater danger for Olivia: a love triangle.

The series is only just getting started, but already reveals a great deal of world-building and plenty of easter eggs for fans of Dickens’ famous novel.
Here’s our Exclusive Preview of Olivia Twist #2!

Olivia Twist #2 hits shops on October 24th, 2018!

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