The Legends Of Tomorrow Face A Fairy Godmother In A Preview Of Next Week’s Show

by Erik Amaya

Legends of Tomorrow is finally back with its high-grade mixture of insanity, comic book wackiness and mopey John Constantine (Matt Ryan). Now into its “Twisted Fairy Tale Theatre” phase, they are poised to take on creatures of myth thanks to their fight with Mallus last year. And despite a relatively quiet five months following John’s discovery of a dragon, things started in earnest last night with a rampaging unicorn at Woodstock. Next week’s mission may be equally Grimm with the arrival of a fairy godmother during the Salem Witch Trials.

And if next week’s episode is nothing but Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell) and the Fairy Godmother sparring, I’d be perfectly happy to watch it. But the show has developed into such a mix of tones and styles, it can easily do more than one thing at a time. This week, for instance, saw Sara (Caity Lotz) and Eva (Jes Macallan) in an unusually sweet place — even if the unicorn seemed to threaten that. Nate (Nick Zano) discovered some interesting pathos with his father (Tom Wilson), which finally gets him out of a romance subplot for the first time in forever. And yet, the show still paid service to his broey thing with Ray (Brandon Routh), who appears to be getting a romance plot again. Well, once he admits he’s into into Nora Darhk (Courtney Ford).
Then again, considering the episode where he guarded the teenage Nora, this development is a little weird. Also, he has mad chemistry with Zari (Tala Ashe) that the show seems hellbent on ignoring. For her part, it seems Zari is finally ready to acknowledge the danger in mucking with her own personal history, even if it spares her family a lot of tragedy.
Combine all this with John’s apparent date with the Devil and you get a nice mix of story prompts for the rest of the season. Hopefully, Legends will explore these ideas with the strange balance of pathos and wackiness its learned to strike over the previous three years.
Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays on The CW.

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