This Is Us: Will Jack’s Vietnam Storyline Continue?

by Christine Marie Attardo

Last week brought us a very different type of episode of This Is Us. Did you find yourself missing Jack? Well, the good news is, this entire episode follows his character. It tells the story of how he ended up going to Vietnam and how that impacted his life and his family.

Remember that time we heard Jack say that he was just a mechanic during the Vietnam war? That he was far away from the action? Remember that time it was a total lie? Last week we got to see just how much Jack was involved in the war and it was a lot. The episode was an intense one, and the entire hour was dedicated to part of his story there. There was a particular focus on his relationship with his brother, who we didn’t really get to see that much.
Everything was leading to this big moment where they were finally reunited in Vietnam and that was where the episode ended. I wondered what kind of message the writers were trying to send. If it is a standalone episode, we are left with a lot of unanswered questions. If this is the beginning of multiple episodes that will show bits of Vietnam, I’m intrigued.

Deep down in my TV show predicting gut, I feel like there is a good chance that Jack’s brother is still alive. It’s possible that he just turned to a life that Jack couldn’t respect and that’s why the kids and Rebecca never met him. Perhaps he is still in Vietnam? Time will tell how it will all turn out, but it looks like we are back to the regular format of the show this week.
This Is Us airs on Tuesdays on NBC. You can stream the entire season on Hulu.

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