Advance Review: Blast Off Into Outer Darkness

by Tito W. James

John Layman (Chew) joins artist Afu Chan (Immortal Iron Fists) to bring us a new cosmic horror story. Starship Captain Rigg has faced hauntings and demonic possessions but nothing can prepare him for when he and the crew of the Charon dive into Outer Darkness.
I’m no stranger when it comes to salty language, but when every other line is a character telling someone to “F-off” it’s too much. At that point, cursing is no longer dramatic or funny–it’s just taking up space on the page that could be devoted to art.
The cast is multinational and showcases Chan’s talent for character design. It will be interesting to see if the supernatural entities have any mythological basis from the characters’ cultural roots.
The concept of a God Engine is a nice twist (which I won’t spoil). It serves as an indication as to what kind of Sci-Fi horror world this is and what could follow.

While I wasn’t in love with the first issue, Outer Darkness has potential. The mix between horror and Sci-Fi isn’t a new concept but the visual and tonal approach of Outer Darkness makes this comic unique. What mysteries lie beyond the furthest reaches of space?
Outer Darkness #1 will be on store shelves November 7th.

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