Our Final Halloween Is Part Stranger Things Part Grindhouse Horror

by Olly MacNamee

Our Final Halloween throws you immediately into the gloriously gory action and immediately into a scene of immense bloodshed with a group of teenagers all suffering form collective amnesia. All stuck in an abandoned house and clearly having allowed horrors from another world access into our realm of being. One part Stranger Things and another part grindhouse horror, this is a great addition to the growing horror titles put out by comic companies this time of year. With a difference. As we reported previously, this is a digitally distributed book backers will receive in their inbox come All Hallow’s Eve, and they’ll be in for a treat with this book.
Throughout this whole ordeal, our five plucky teenagers (hey, they’re all plucky, right?) – even covered in blood when we meet them, looking as though they’ve just survived an explosion in an abattoir – can still crack the off joke as they venture around this very haunted of houses in a desperate attempt to both escape and kill off any demons that have escaped the netherworld. Will they succeed in closing the portal, or simply allow further evils to venture forth in their attempts to combat these ghoulish creatures who can take on the form of anything they kill? Well, only one way for you to find out, right?

Michael Lee-Graham’s artwork is a treat, even if he has to cover each page with blood and gore, and his colours – sparse, stripped back cool blues for atmosphere and sharply contrasting bloody reds and oranges – really make the comic glow, adding to the feeling of the aforementioned grindhouse sensibilities. It certainly sets itself apart from other books at this time of year, and is a grand accomplishment for seasoned writer, Mike Garley. It’s well worth checking out as it takes tried and tested tropes of the haunted house sub-genre and plays about with them for the entertainment of the reader.
It’s fully funded, but you may want to get in on the action as there’s still one more day left on their Kickstarter, if you fancy yourself a copy. Check out their page here for more and happy reading.

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