Exclusive Preview: Sneaking Into An Elaborate Trap In Olivia Twist #3

by Hannah Means Shannon

A brand new issue of Dark Horse’s Berger Books title Olivia Twist will be arriving in a couple of weeks, bringing us up to date on a tense tale of teen gangs, child labor, and a dystopia where America no longer exists and wealthy refugees rule tower blocks high in the sky.
Written by Darrin Strauss and Adam Dalva, with art by Emma Vieceli, colors by Lee Loughridge and covers by Vanessa Del Rey, Olivia Twist is definitely a feast for the eyes and food for thought.

Here’s our official description of what’s coming up in issue #3:

Olivia Twist and the Esthers make a daring raid into the refugee camp where she was born, and where her parents were murdered. Awaiting her: fights with the brutal Trads; a long-lost family member: a kiss with echoing ramifications; her parents’ killer. But Olivia and her friends don’t know that they are sneaking into an elaborate trap, one that will change 2050 London forever.

And here’s our exclusive look at the interior art on Olivia Twist #1, arriving in shops November 21st!

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