Anjelika Washington Join DC Universe’s Stargirl In A “Familiar” Role

by Erik Amaya


DC Universe’s Stargirl cast is finally adding another actor.
The Wrap reports Anjelika Washington will join the program as a series regular. Her role is being kept secret for the moment, though executive producer Geoff Johns said in a statement that the character will be “familiar” to DC Comics readers.
The series stars Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore, a teenager from the west coast who moves to Blue Valley, Nebraska, and faces the reality of a new step-father. Struggling to adapt to her new situation, Courtney discovers he has a secret; he used to be the sidekick to a superhero. Finding that hero’s Cosmic Staff, she creates a new persona and soon finds herself in a superhero society. The concept is based on Johns’ short-lived Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. with art by Lee Moder, which eventually saw Courtney joining the reformed Justice Society of America.
The television series will presumably feature its own JSA and it is likely Washington will be one of its members. But considering the production is keeping the character’s identity a secret, she might be playing a rather surprising hero. If one were to speculate wildly, maybe she’s some version of Mary Marvel or Cyclone from Johns’s later run on Justice Society of America. Hopefully, we’ll know the truth soon enough.
Stargirl debuts on DC Universe in 2019.

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