Wonder Woman #58 Is A Fresh Start That Honors The Past

by Tony Thornley

Wonder Woman has been through a lot since her Rebirth relaunch nearly three years ago. Now, a new creative team changes everything for her.

This issue sees the beginning for the new team of G Willow Wilson, Cary Nord, Mick Gray, Romulo Fajardo Jr, and Pat Brosseau. They jump right in, putting Diana in the deep end.
[*Minor spoilers ahead!]

In her prison, Grail schemes with her companion, Ares, who she brutally murders!  Meanwhile Steve Trevor has been taken hostage during a mission into an unstable country. Diana leaps into action to save him. Instead she discovers an unexpected new ally–a resurrected (and seemingly heroic) Ares!
Willow does waste any time getting into her story. Where some writers would spend time breaking things down to build them up their way, she jumps in without any hesitation, taking Diana’s status quo and using it as a jumping off point. She uses those points to her advantage, so it feels like a fresh start, not a complete reboot.

Cord and Gray’s work is a great compliment to Willow’s script. Early in the issue, a flirtatious bedroom exchange between Steve and Diana is full of life and humor. Then, when Wonder Woman leaps into action, it’s thrilling. Nord continues to be one of the best action pencillers in comics, with a grand scope that Wonder Woman deserves.
Fajardo’s color work is full of personality. He uses a palette with a bronze tint that gives the story an almost antique look. It’s perfect for the myth-heavy story Willow and Nord are telling.

This is a thrilling new start for Diana, which is honoring the recent past, and moving ahead into a very interesting future.
Wonder Woman #58 is available now from DC Comics.

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