5 Point Discussions – Radiant 7: “The Beast Of The Underground Water System -Monster-“

by Sage Ashford

Without the help of his mentor, Seth has to save his new friend Doc from a monster that dwells under the city. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. Being Doc is Suffering. After opening with a training sequence proving Yaga isn’t much better training than Crazy Melie, we cut to Doc trying to relax with a daily cup of coffee. But instead of being able to make it through the day in peace enjoying some java and conversing with his favorite waitress, he’s forced to deal with Seth and Melie, a pair of idiot kids who’ve put him millions of dollars in debt.
As if that’s not enough, after getting his first ever decent cup of coffee from Miss Melba, he finds himself kidnapped by a mysterious octopus living underground in the city’s sewer system. Seconds after Doc is kidnapped, Yaga appears and explains that underneath the city is where the sorcerers dump all sorts of mysterious chemicals…and animals that are discarded after being experimented on. It’s unfortunate this series has such a short episode count, because that throwaway line could be a focal point for an entire arc of mutated animals beginning to attack the sorcerers for their negligence.

2. In case anyone was wondering, though its been several days in universe, the Inquisition are still monitoring the city to see if Seth will leave. Seth is said to be a dangerous kind of sorcerer, so it makes sense–though why they don’t sneak onto the island and kidnap him to finish their mission, who knows? Then again, if they were that bright they’d be a better organization. For now, they’re forced to wait until Seth finally tries to leave…the problem is, at this rate by the time he finally does he’ll have finished a good deal of his training from Yaga, meaning he’ll be even more dangerous.

3. This series is what happens when you’ve got a cast of dense main characters and none of the supporting cast tries to help them. We learn Melie is meant to be an Ambush Hunter, the kind of sorcerer who stops Nemesis by using traps rather than directly attacking them with magic. But much like she is with everything else, she’s pretty bad at it–everything she tries, from nets to special concoctions meant to knock out the monster, described as a Devil Kraken, ends up hitting Doc instead. Even Crazy Melie fails, as she winds up simply attacking Doc for not getting free.
Despite being looped in from the beginning, even Yaga refuses to help. Instead, Seth finally comes up with a plan of his own combining the skills he and Melie specialize in. They lure the monster in, using Melie’s gravity bind spell to stop him from moving, then Seth attacks with his Titan Punch.  It’s a rudimentary enough plan, but this isn’t exactly a super genius they’re fighting.  While his previous attempt showed the monster was too slippery under normal conditions, weighed down by gravity he’s unable to escape and takes the full brunt of the attack, finally releasing Doc.

4. This is easily one of the least threatening giant monsters since Godzooky. Yaga describes it as a “Devil Fish Kraken” at the start, but it doesn’t seem to want anything but to drink coffee. It takes Doc with him and they think it wants to eat Doc, but only because he smells like coffee. Fortunately, each time they tried to attack it to get him to let Doc go, they continued to feed it giant cups of coffee. So instead of getting to eat Doc, the two of them bond over a shared love of coffee.
They finally catch the monster off guard by feeding it one of Miss Melba’s “custom” coffees–all of which have horribly disgusting flavors–and it vomits up all the coffee it’s been drinking and lets its guard down enough to be attacked. Seth’s Titan Punch frees Doc, but when he goes to finish him off, even Doc demands he knock it off. And to be fair…yeah. If your biggest threat underground is a monster who just really, really likes coffee…maybe just bring it a giant cup once a week?  It’s clearly less of a problem and more of a fitting pet considering they live in a magic city.

5. Next Episode: The end of the episode is Seth realizing he needs to keep on training, something they already told us about at the end of last week’s episode. It’s good to see we’re moving the plot forward in important ways. In any case, after only a week of additional training Seth starts getting vastly more powerful. Guess that’s why the Inquisition was worried. Next week, we deal with the Bravery Quartet again, a group Seth will have to deal with without any magic at all! …Because he got so lucky with them last time.
Radiant is available for streaming on Funimation.

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