Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright: Preview Fearscape #3 From O’Sullivan, Mutti And Vault Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Our unreliable narrator, Henry Henry, returns to comic shops in Fearscape #3 next week from Vault Comics and we have an early preview to share with you. Written by Ryan O’Sullivan, with art by Andrea Mutti and colours by Vladimir Popov along with letters by Deron Bennet of Andworld Design, it’s out Wednesday, the 12th of December. Here’s the breakdown of the issue. Well, it would have been, if our omnipresent narrator and all round bounder didn’t want to be heard one more time. Goddamn it, Henry!

Having escaped the clutches of the Fearscape, Henry Henry tries to… Aha! You’ll use my name, I see, but won’t let me speak! That you would require solicitation copy for the third issue, after the genre-redefining brilliance of the first two, is nothing short of a personal insult. The work speaks for itself. Any tale of my exploits should not be hawked to those asleep at the wheel.

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