Thoughts On Spider-Man DLC ‘The Heist’ And ‘Turf Wars’

by Tito W. James

Insomniac’s Spider-Man Game is a dream come true for spider-fans of all ages. If you’ve completed the main story and still want to kick butt as the web-head there are two new story missions available as DLC.

In “The Heist” Spider-Man is on the tail of Black Cat who is stealing a painting that has ties to New York’s old crime families. The story does a perfect job at conveying Spider-Man and Black Cat’s complex relationship. Black Cat’s voicework and character design strike the right balance in portraying a character who’s charismatic but untrustworthy.

Aside from the story, Spider-Man’s DLC also includes new side missions, enemy types and unlockable costumes. There are also new and improved Screwball challenges with the clever photobomb mode. Photobombs challenge players to defeat enemies in a highlighted extra to earn extra points. It’s a really fun and addicting addition.

After the events of “The Heist,” Spider-Man teams up with Yuri Watanabe to take down Hammerhead. The story is surprisingly grim and transforms Hammerhead from a D-list bad guy into a real menace. The events of “Turf Wars” also show players a darker side of Yuri. I was unfamiliar with the character and assumed that she was Spider-Man’s equivalent to Commissioner Gordon. However, in the comics Yuri maintains a duel identity as the vigilante known as the Wraith.

Though a part of me felt that the new missions should have been included with the original game, I still feel that players will get their money’s worth from the DLC. These chapters feel like a mini-sequel with gripping storylines and new gameplay that improves on what was already established.
I eagerly await the next chapter, “Silver Lining.”

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