Infinite Dark #3 Takes An Unexpected But Welcome Left Turn

by Tony Thornley

Honestly, this issue of Infinite Dark shouldn’t have surprised me. The first issue was brilliant nihilistic cosmic horror, and the second was a noir detective story. This issue twists back into cosmic horror, but in a way that delighted and surprised me.
Infinite Dark #3
Ryan Cady, Andrea Mutti, K. Michael Russell, & Troy Peteri continue this story here, jumping head first into last issue’s stunning revelations, and taking a leap forward much further than I expected.
[*Spoilers below!]
The Orpheus is in chaos, as the malicious virus implanted in its systems begins to take hold. Reva rushes through the station to try to stop it and arrest Kirin, the designer of the virus. However, in the course of that, she realizes that what she’s seen isn’t a delusion or a hallucination…and in the issue’s final moments, she confronts the entity in the black head on.

Cady shows some great skill in this issue, switching genres across the course of the issue without tonal whiplash. One page is a disaster movie, the next is psychological horror, the next is a detective unravelling a mystery- and it all works. He’s also able to help us care about the characters this is all happening to along the way.

Mutti and Russell’s work takes the script in stride and excels. Mutti’s line work is tense, at times claustrophobic, at others paranoid, but all along it’s engaging and exciting. Russell’s colors do just enough to make everything feel alien without losing the humanity of the story.

This continues to be one of the best horror stories out this year, and will definitely haunt me for a long time to come.
Infinite Dark #3 is available now from Top Cow/Image Comics.

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