Uncanny X-Men #5 Turns Into World War X

by Tony Thornley

While this issue puts the brewing schism on the back burner, Uncanny X-Men #5 goes into full action movie mode. Normally this might drain a story like this of its momentum, so does it work here?
Uncanny X-Men (2018-) #5
Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson, R.B. Silva, Adriano Di Benedetto, Rachelle Rosenberg and Joe Caramagna ramp up the story here, bringing it into an intense, almost war-movie like, scale. It’s actually very welcome.
The divided X-Men take the fight to X-Man and his Horsemen of Salvation with Jean’s team fighting Blob and Omega Red, and Storm’s battling Magneto and Angel. Meanwhile X-Man reveals why he kidnapped Kitty, Apocalypse and the Senator, revealing his horrifying power. Meanwhile Legion, Madrox and the New X-Men are able to locate Nate Grey to take the fight directly to him…
Uncanny X-Men (2018-) #5
One of the story’s biggest strengths is in how the conflict comes from character. Storm’s team in particular is a great illustration of that, with Polaris confronting her father Magneto and Psylocke fighting her longtime love Angel. It makes so much more than just a superhero brawl (though it IS a well-written brawl). The philosophical debate between Kitty and Apocalypse is another highlight, with some fantastic moments from each of them.
Silva and Di Benedetto’s work is excellent. Their lines are clean and expressive, and they depict action in a very exciting way. I’ve been saying for a couple years that I think Silva is on his way to superstar status, and this looks to be the series that puts him there. Rosenberg’s colors continue to be great, with this issue starting to cast an apocalyptic pall to everything that’s happening.
Uncanny X-Men (2018-) #5
I’m so happy to see this story improve each issue, and serve as a return to form for Marvel’s merry mutants.
Uncanny X-Men #5 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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