A New Generation Of Team-Ups Begins In Marvel Rising

by James Ferguson

Super hero team-ups are a mainstay of the genre with characters often coming to blows before realizing they’re on the same side. This March, the team-up reaches a new generation in Marvel Rising as Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl join forces with Spider-Man Miles Morales, Dante Pertuz (aka Inferno), America Chavez, and Daisy Johnson (aka Quake).

Marvel Rising is written by Nilah Magruder and illustrated by Roberto Di Salvo. It will feature a cover by Audrey Mok.  The comic follows Kamala Khan and Doreen Green as they work to stop the sorceress Morgan le Fay from turning New Jersey into New Camelot.
As the new Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors show is heating up, it’s a no-brainer to have a comic book featuring the same characters. These are some of the most fun heroes to put together too.
Marvel Rising is planned as a five-issue mini-series kicking off in March 2019.

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