Battlestar Galactica Film Finds New Writer

by Erik Amaya

That second re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica is still on its way.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Girl in the Spider’s Web‘s Jay Basu is the latest writer to redraft the long-in-development Galactica film at Universal. To be directed by The Hunger Games‘ Francis Lawrence, the project will follow a rag-tag, fugitive fleet escaping from Cylon tyranny while searching for a planet known as Earth. But that may be all it takes from the original 1978 television series. Like the 2003 re-imagining for Syfy (then called the SciFi Channel), the feature will take liberties with the premise and the characters.

So those expecting to see characters like Tom Zarak or Ellen Tigh from the more recent series should not hold their breath.

A Galactica film has been in the offing for sometime with disgraced filmmaker Bryan Singer developing a feature-length continuation of the original series in the early part of the century. When he abandoned the project, it was rethought as another re-imagining of the original premise following the success of Ronald D. Moore’s television reboot. Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy wrote a draft and Lawrence signed on as director.

It is unclear what prompted the new revision, but the news proves the studio still has an interest in continuing the Galactica‘s lonely quest to a shining planet.

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