5 Point Discussions – Double Decker 12: “Detective In Danger”

by Sage Ashford

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1. With the series barrelling towards a finale, it’s about time someone explained why anyone would put a drug that gives people superpowers out on the streets.  Motivated by SEVEN-O’s last encounter with Esperanza to join the military, Kirill meets up with Brian Cooper and learns the truth of the other humanity on Nikai.  Rather than being a group of humans who developed independently, they’re secretly humans who abandoned Earth long ago.  But on the planet they traveled to, it turns out they weren’t the only ones who wanted to make it into their home.
To fight back against their enemies, they genetically enhanced their soldiers, but since it was too time-consuming given the nature of their constant conflicts, they needed a way to speed up the process.  By now, it’s obvious where this is going–the people of Nikai distributed Anthem through Esperanza, and used their old home as a petri dish to perfect the process. Up to now we’ve been left in the dark on why Kirill’s family escaped (more on that later), but honestly just the fact that they would subject their own people to experiments like this is more than enough.

2. Double Decker hasn’t been above leaning into tropes from time to time, so it’s no surprise they decided to go with “villain gives away his secret plan” to help SEVEN-O get up to speed. After Doug’s detective senses are set off due to the odd way the events of last episode played out, he starts to go investigating on his own into what happened to Esperanza. While looking, he runs into a surprisingly alive Zabel Franken, who explains Bamboo Man was actually looking for Kirill because he’s the “key to everything”.  Doug acknowledges that like most villains, once Brian Cooper had succeeded in his plans he couldn’t help relaying his brilliance to the first person listening. From there, Doug is able to deduce the truth behind Bamboo Man’s real identity, and links up with the rest of SEVEN-O for what could be their final mission.

3. A character destined for greatness is always literally destined for greatness. Brian Cooper’s reasoning for hunting Kirill down is he was literally born with the ability to neutralize the effects of Anthem.   This is something the series has been hinting at for awhile now, with how casually he was able to figure out the complex inner workings of how Anthem affects the human body, but this episode is the first time the series acknowledges it.
It’s information Doug is able to suss out given what he already knows, and he reports it to the rest of SEVEN-O so the group can go rescue their friend. Unfortunately, with Esperanza seemingly in ruins they’ve been ordered off the streets–both because they only existed to shut down Esperanza and to make sure it wasn’t them who ruthlessly killed them all. So the group has to come up with a number of workarounds–including using Derick’s restaurant (which was apparently an actual double decker bus) to plan an attack on the military facility keeping Kirill.

4. Something shockingly consistent about Kirill all the way through is him having nerves of steel.  He’s such a goofball and idiot most of the time but he doesn’t even hesitate if he has to put his life on the line.  Doug rushes in to save Kirill from Brian Cooper, but a mistake in his strategem allows Cooper to figure out the plan is a ruse.  Still, he and Kirill manage to get away from him long enough to come up with a plan: thanks to a sample of Kirill’s blood, they were able to come up with a “cure” for Anthem.  The two of them discuss a plan to take down Cooper by neutralizing his powers, but before they put it into action Cooper shows up with Kirill’s brother Valery in hand.
Rather than attempt to negotiate with Cooper, Kirill tries to force the military officer’s hand by threatening to kill himself.  But Cooper’s poker face manages to get Kirill to back down and turn himself over to try and save Doug and Valery. Well, the plan half works…

5. Calling it now without having watched the last episode: this is going to be some “all a part of the plan” schtick.  At the last second Cooper bursts in with Valery, revealing he’s fully aware of a plan Doug and Kirill just came up with, and when Kirill finally puts the gun down he shoots Doug in the chest, leaving him bleeding out as the show comes to an end.  Since SEVEN-O probably isn’t going to be down three members in the last three episodes, expect a fake out.
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