Frank And Jigsaw Get Ready To Face Off In Punisher Season 2 Teaser

by Erik Amaya

The Punisher‘s second season will debut January 18th on Netflix. To mark the occasion, the streaming service unleashed a new teaser trailer pitting the thoughts of Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) against those of his former friend Billy Russo, aka Jigsaw (Ben Barnes). While the second season will feature appearances by the Gnucci crime family and an evangelical antagonist, another showdown between Frank and Jigsaw will also be key.

Hopefully, the show dealt with its one big pacing problem from the first season. Namely, delaying the Frank/Jigsaw fight by two episodes with the suicide bomber plot. The story would’ve been a great second season intro, but it felt ill-placed in the overall throughline of the first season. Nonetheless, The Punisher is a high-quality series with its ruminations on PTSD and they way soldiers get chewed up. It will be interesting to see how they pick up that thread as Frank’s attempts to get help have seemingly failed.
Meanwhile, there is another tension facing the series: the almost certain cancellation waiting for it next month. Everyone seems pretty convinced Netflix will cut all of its Marvel bait and it will be a shame if the second season ends on a less-than-final note.
The Punisher hits Netflix on January 18th

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