Hard Case Crime’s Stieg Larson Adaptations Continue With The Girl Who Danced With Death OGN

by Olly MacNamee

Following on from their previous graphic novel adaption of Stieg Larsson’s famous Millennium trilogy of books comes Titan/Hard Case Crimes’s adaption of the follow up novel, The Girl Who Danced With Death, which was originally published in 2016 and in French. This is the first English translated version of that book and is written by Sylvain Runberg, and illustrated by Belen Ortega and it’s out on January 29th. Below you’ll find some neat looking illustrations of our protagonist, Lisbeth Salander, as well as a two page taster for the book as the further adventures of Lisbeth are continued in this best-selling graphic novel adaption series.

Lisbeth Salander is preparing to hack a gigantic data centre and expose the Swedish secret service’s secret files. Unfortunately, nothing is simple, and Lisbeth once again finds herself in need of Mickael Blomkvist’s help when her friend Trinity is kidnapped. In a world of conspiracy and mistrust, their investigation soon leads them to the obscure group known only as ‘Sparta’…

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