Ancient Secrets, A Supernova Starman, And Justice League #15

by Olly MacNamee

Justice League #15 is out this week and in it we learn slightly more about the secrets – and one particularly big ol’ nasty – one – hidden and protected on Thangar Prime. Although, ironically, it isn’t Hawkgirl, J’onn J’onzz and Green Lantern – who are currently trying to escape the planet – who discover it first. It’s also another issue that makes use of Jim Cheung while they can. Clearly not the fastest of artists, as I mentioned in my previous review of issue #14, using Cheung to bookend the main story with an update on Starman (who starts this book off going supernova and soaking Superman in enough solar energy to, “crack the earth in half with a footstep,”) is a ingenious way to have him contribute to the book in any way he can, and in a way that makes sense.
It then leaves the talented Stephen Segovia to depict the main brunt of the issue, focusing on the trio of Leaguers stuck on Thanagar Prime. And, like this week’s The Green Lantern #3, it’s an issue that scatters familiar aliens across its pages. After all, this is the planet other species bring their most treasured – or most dangerous – objects and artefacts to for safe keeping. And giving the Leaguers the cover they need to sneak in where J’onn is finally reunited with the other last surviving Martian.

Writing partners Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV continue to countdown to the forthcoming crisis that has been foreshadowed by the destruction of the Source Wall and all it’s released into the universe and I can’t wait to see how this magnum opus all comes together. It has all the markings of a well planned saga from what I’ve seen so far. Hawkgirl, J’onn J’onzz and John Stewart may well still escape Hawkworld, but what will be waiting for them back home?
It’s another solid issue that offers readers a little more exposition than last issue, but what is revealed is all part of the rebuilding of a DC universe still reforming and cooling down after both the New 52 DC Universe of 2011 and the more recent Rebirth. It’s world building. Hell, it’s universe building. Here’s hoping it sticks this time round.
Justice League #15 is available now from DC Comics.

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