Is Warren Ellis Bringing Back The Authority This April?

by Olly MacNamee

While there is a lot to get through regarding the DC Comisc April solicits that have been made public this weekend, there is one entry that really grabbed my attention and that was the solicitations for Wildstorm #22 by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt.

The Sparks has the authority.

Surely, this isn’t just a coincidence? Jenni Mei Sparks assembling a band of outcast “to stand against a corruption that covers the world and orbits above it.” Hmmmm. After all, when Ellis’s Wildstorm was announced back in 2015, it was billed as part of a bigger reboot of the Wildstorm universe.

And, there have been speculative reports that this series would eventually culminate in a new rendition of The Authority. Looks like Wildstorm #22 could be that issue. Can you afford to miss what could well be one of the hot books of the coming year?

You have been warned!

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