Vote On Which Creepy Creation You Would Wear With Rebellion

by Olly MacNamee

I’ll freely admit that as a UK based blogger I am the first to ignore the rich and healthy tradition of humour comics we here in Britain have made a speciality of over the past century. Shameful really. Although, I take my hat off to fellow Brit, Richard Bruton who’s going a sterling job of informing other nations of the Best of British regularly on

The humor genre and it’s conventions haven’t changed much over the years, and the art still apes the greats of yesteryear. One such great, getting a revival, thanks to Rebellion and the Treasury of British Comics, is Ken Reid, the master of the comically grotesque.

Back in the 70’s Reid would encourage readers of weekly comic, Shiver and Shake, to send in their designs for their own Creepy Creations. The winning entries would be reimagined by the unsurpassable Reid and see their pictures in the comic. What treat for any kid in Britain!

Well, Rebellion and the Treasury of British Comics have come up with the spiffing idea of creating t-shirts from these bygone grotesqueries. And you can get involved in which designs make the cut by voting on your favourite.

Will it be the Fanatical Fungus Grower of Frogpool? The Boggle-Eyed Butty-Biter of Sandwich? Frankinspider? The Fearsome Food Muncher of Snortlewick? The Gruesome Grannie of Grantham? The Rumbling Raspberry from Rustington? The Vampire Banana? Or the Phantom Highland Mummy?

The winning design will be printed and produced on a t-shirt to be revealed on February 27th. You can vote now by email (to: press at 2000ad dot com) or via social media. And, two randomly chosen voters could well see themselves sporting the design for free.

What with the Garbage Pail Kids making something of a comeback in recent years too, there seems to be no better time to bring back more bygone beasties and nostalgic nasties.

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