Hard Case Crime Brings Us Prison Drama Tyler Cross: Angola

by Olly MacNamee

Hard Case Crimes have done a great job of offering up some of Europe’s best crime themed graphic novels and with the publication of Tyler Cross: Angola, they’re continuing in this same vein and continuing in their programme to release translated versions of Tyler Cross the gritty 1950’s-era gangster series of graphic novels here and in the USA.
Written by Fabien Nury (The Death of Stalin) and illustrated by Brüno with colours by Laurence Croix, this English translation version is available March 12th.
Here’s a rundown of the plot and a few pages to share with you in this prison drama.

A hell called “Angola,” the biggest high-security prison in the United States, surrounded by swamps and crushed by the sweltering Louisiana sunshine. And then just to put the cherry on the cake, the Scarfo clan has put a price on his head, and there are a whole load of Sicilians among Tyler’s fellow inmates. If Tyler ever manages to get out of this penitentiary hell, it sure won’t be for good conduct.

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