Ominous Press Celebrates 25 Years With Art Book Indiegogo Campaign

by James Ferguson

It’s not every day that a company celebrates its 25th anniversary, so it’s worth some fanfare, especially in the comic book industry. Ominous Press is ringing in this milestone with a 330+ page hardcover art book celebrating the imagery its created over the past quarter century.

Currently on Indiegogo, the art book features work from founder and creator Bart Sears, Andy Smith, Tom Raney, Neal Adams, Jim Starlin, Kenneth Rocafort, Kelley Jones, Kevin Maguire, Cully Hamner, Aaron Lopresti, Mike McKone, Darryl Banks, Bob Layton, and more. It also includes never-before-published character pieces from Jim Starlin, Jerry Ordway, Rick Leonardi, Aaron Lopresti, Rachael Stott, Joe Phillips, Jeff Johnson, and more.
Sears says:

I’m so proud we’re able to gather all of this awesome art from the last 25 years. What started out as characters and stories in my daydreams has been made real by an array of artists I can hardly imagine, including legends like Neal Adams and Jim Starlin.

The only place to get The Art of Ominous Press is through this Indiegogo campaign. Other rewards include previous Ominous Press publications, limited edition variant covers, prints, t-shirts, and hoodies. At the time of this writing, it has already surpassed its funding goal.

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