An Unstoppable Force Versus An Immortal Object In ‘Juggernaut’ #2

by Tony Thornley

There are few in the Marvel Universe that can stand toe to toe with the Hulk. However, one of those forces is about to face the strongest there is in Juggernaut #2.

Cover by Geoff Shaw

This week’s Juggernaut #1 featured Cain Marko in his first ever solo series. Now in his second issue, coming October 21st, he’s going to face the only foe who can go toe to toe with him- the Immortal Hulk!

The series is written by Marvel legend Fabian Nicieza, drawn by superstar Ron Garney, and colored by the fantastic Matt Milla. Will the Juggernaut be able to overpower the Hulk? Or will his comeback end before it’s gotten started?

Looking at this preview from #2, it’s not looking good for the Unstoppable one!

Find out who’s going to reign supreme when Juggernaut #2 hits the shelves on October 21st!

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