Infinite Dark #4 Finds Hope At The End Of Everything

by Tony Thornley

One of the most interesting aspects of Infinite Dark has been, even in the face of everything else of the story, an undercurrent of bleak hopelessness. These last living beings at the end of the universe ultimately were just delaying the inevitable. But in this issue, a ray of hope suddenly shone through…

Ryan Cady, Andrea Mutti, K. Michael Russell, & Troy Peteri wrap up the inaugural arc of this series. It’s an emotional and affecting story, one that is surprisingly full of hope.

[**Mild spoilers ahead!]

Deva confronts the beast in the void, which reveals itself as essentially a living force of entropy. As she challenges the being, the council reveals to the inhabitants of the Orpheus that not all is lost. And on that hopeful note, the station presses forward into the dark…

Cady really pulls a brilliant bait and switch this issue. After a story that had an undercurrent of bleak nihilism throughout, the hopeful tone of this issue was exciting. It really raised my hopes, and got me excited for the future of the series. However, it’s still able to be scary, as Deva’s confrontation with the creature is absolutely frightening up to the point that she turns the table on it.

Mutti and Russell don’t abandon the dark tone they had established so far, but they open up their work as the script opens up the possibilities of the future of the series. The color palette becomes brighter, the camera angles widen, and it all shifts. They’re all great tricks that show some wonderful and intelligent design, layout and color work.

This series is a bit of a sleeper, but I’m really looking forward to its return later this year!

Infinite Dark #4 is available now from Image Comics/Top Cow Productions.

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