Sony Takes On Rob Liefeld’s Shrink For Feature Film Adaptation

by Erik Amaya


Sony is looking to explore the psychology of superheroes.
Deadline reports the studio and producers Doug Belgrad and Adam Fields will adapt Rob Liefeld’s comic strip Shrink into a feature film. The studio previously optioned the concept, but was left abandoned sometime after the turn of the century.
The story centers on Dr. Jessica Powers, a psychologist with a special list of clients: superheroes. Powers is described as a “a strong, smart and intuitive doctor who smooths the psyches of supeheroes who lead big, complicated lives.” First picked up by Sony in 2000, the project got as far as a script by Bad Santa‘s Glenn Ficarra and John Requa before falling by the wayside. Fields read the script and suggested the studio option the strip for a second time. Liefeld will also serve as a producer on the film.
It is unclear how quickly Shrink will find itself in theaters. Considering Sony’s previous hot-and-cold treatment of the material, it could evaporate again. Deadline suggests it could be integrated into the studio’s emerging Spider-Verse or stand alone on its own.

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