Wonder Girl Gets The Spotlight In Young Justice #2

by Tony Thornley

I really enjoyed the first issue of Young Justice but if you read my review, you might remember that I took issue with the depiction of a couple of the characters. This issue jumped right on top of that and gave us an issue not only focused on one of them, but solved a few of the problems with their actions last issue.

Brian Michael Bendis, Patrick Gleason, Alejandro Sanchez and Josh Reed are joined this issue by Emanuela Lupacchino and Ray McCarthy. It’s an issue that really advances the plot in a fun way as well as giving spotlight to one of the core characters of the team.

The team remains split up on Gemworld while a war is brewing. Robin finds himself rather gleefully teaming up with Amethyst, while Ginny, Teen Lantern and Cassie are trying to sort through their situation. Meanwhile, we flash back several weeks ago to see some of the events leading up to Cassie’s trip to Metropolis, where hints of what happened to her come to light.

Right off the bat, my biggest problem with Young Justice #1 was the depiction of Cassie. In this issue, we see that not only is the situation a lot different than we might have assumed, but that this is still the Cassie Sandsmark that became a fan favorite. It also puts her in an interesting situation, having refused a gift from Zeus, which hints at a dark path for her.

Otherwise, this issue is a strong outing for the other characters. Tim was always the most well adjusted of the Robins, and it’s really nice to see that back here. Ginny is quickly becoming a favorite as well. Conner and Bart don’t appear in this issue, but the final page does promise a story focused on Superboy next issue. Really the only weak spot is the Teen Lantern is still shrouded in mystery for unknown reasons.

Gleason splits the issue with Lupacchino and McCarthy about half and half. Gleason’s pages are full of energy and include some fun designs, both of the Gemworld landscape and its citizens. He does some fantastic character work too, with Robin and Amethyst’s two-page introduction to the story serving as a particular highlight.

Lupacchino and McCarthy also do a great job. They shift their style slightly to match Gleason’s slightly angular look, while keeping their own work recognizable. Their pages are gorgeous, with engaging action and some really stellar character work with Cassie, both in body language and facial expression.

Though I wouldn’t quite call this my favorite book yet, it’s quickly on its way. This isn’t just a return to the glory days of these characters, it’s moving them into the present day.

Young Justice #2 is available now from DC Comics.

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