5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 70: “Two New Stars”

by Sage Ashford

The Star Festival’s main event is finally here.  Which of the Magic Knight guilds will take the Number One spot?  Will the Black Bulls come in last again? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. It was my hope when this series started that it would end with the first half of this episode. After everything our hero has had to deal with, it just fit all too well. Asta starting at the very bottom, an aberration with no magic, gifted with a single weapon that demanded he win every battle with pure strength in a world of mages. He gets tossed into the only guild that will have him, a reject group that makes so many mistakes they exist in the negative rankings. But through countless battle after battle against enemies both without and within his country, Asta carries the Black Bulls to victory after victory, finally culminating in the scene here at the beginning of the episode: where the Wizard King pronounces the Black Bulls as the second highest ranked guild in the entire military. They’ve accumlated more stars than even the Golden Dawn in doing so, because they had to climb out of the negatives just to get past the 8th spot.
At the end, the Wizard King summons both Asta and Yuno, two rookie mages from a town no one’s ever heard of, and the entire royal city is forced to acknowledge them both. The anime community drags Tabata a lot but that’s a rewarding enough ending to bring the series to a close for a season, or even permanently if you never decided to return. (Which is doubtful, but the series isn’t very far from the manga’s current arc either.) A few cuts, some faster pacing here and there and we absolutely could’ve gotten here five or more episodes earlier, but when you’re a long running shonen no one thinks about narrative efficiency, just maintaining a constant stream of revenue.

2. 70 episodes in and our characters (and the audience) is finally introduced to the King. Not the Wizard King beloved for his achievements and saving the country, but the one who rules Clover Kingdom. Consistent with Tabata’s takes on royalty up until now, the King is the epitome of how Black Clover views the ruling class: smug, overly concerned with getting the most attention despite having done nothing to earn it, and constantly taking credit for the work of those beneath him to validate himself. Even the crowd of royals is unimpressed with him, with everything going from a jovial situation with the Wizard King celebrating the Royal Knights to pin drop silent when the King arrives.

3. Eager to get some of the attention his subordinates have, the King decides now is the time to give away a valuable military secret: they know the location of the Midnight Sun’s base. Revealing they plan to attack the base, he talks about how their next step is to organize a special squadron known as the Royal Knights, made up specifically of the most elite members of all the magic knights, decided after a special tournament. Yes, instead of keeping this entire operation secret, he’s decided to announce it in public at the largest stage possible, at the biggest event in Clover Kingdom. This should work out well.

4. To make sure everyone is aware how you were supposed to view the King, there’s an entire bit this episode with Asta and Yuno openly acknowleding how useless the guy seems…while standing on the same stage. Asta’s bluntness here works perfectly, but it’s Yuno’s no-selling that helps the entire bit get over. He just kind of nods in agreement, then points out those aren’t things you should say in public. The king, as petty and pathetic as he is, nearly has them both killed until the Wizard King stands up for them both. At the end of all this, we’re definitely heading towards a Clover Kingdom which unseats the entire idea of a king or royal society, which makes me wonder if Asta will even be able to become a Wizard King by the end of it all, or if the society as we know it won’t be completely different and they won’t need him for an entirely different role.

5. Next Episode: After seventy episodes, finally the best character in Black Clover gets her grand appearance. No spoilers necessary, just be sure to watch next week’s episode to meet the new leader of the Crimson Lions.
Black Clover is available for streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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