Shout! Factory Picks Up Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Documentary

by Erik Amaya


The Prophets always lead Deep Space Nine in good directions.
Deadline reports Shout! Factory has picked up distribution rights to upcoming Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary What We Left Behind. Besides the usual interviews and looks back at the development and production of the show, the documentary will also feature executive producer Ira Steven Behr and various members of the show’s writing staff developing the first episode of a hypothetical eighth season of the show, which concluded its run in 1999.
Behr is also the co-director of the project, alongside For The Love of Spock‘s David Zappone, which took to crowdfunding site Indiegogo in 2017; earning $647,891 from fans interested in seeing the gang — including actors like Terry Ferrell and the writers — back together.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was the second of the Star Trek spinoff series. Set on a Cardassian station in orbit near a stable wormhole, it sought to turn the parent series’ “wagon train to the stars” concept on its head by staying put on the space equivalent of a frontier town. But after a few seasons, the direction changed with a new enemy destabilizing the near-Earth quadrant of the galaxy as a prelude to conquest. The various intrigues, and eventual all-out war, made DS9 the most serialized Star Trek until the recent Star Trek: Discovery — though some may argue Enterprise got close with its serialization.
According to Deadline, Shout! plans to release the film on multiple platforms by the end of the year. A theatrical release is also being planned.

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