C2E2 2019: Peter Tomasi Says The Arkham knight Will Return In Detective Comics 1000

by Tito W. James

On the last day of C2E2 2019, I attended a short announcement panel where Peter Tomasi talked about about Detective Comics 1000. Tomasi said it was an honor and a privilege to work on Action Comics 1000 and now he is thrilled to work on Detective Comics 1000.

Fans of the Batman Arkham games should be excited to know that Tomasi will be introducing the Arkham Knight into the DC Comics continuity in a new, unexpected way. Tomasi said that his story will be from the Arkham Knight’s perspective and that this character views Batman as a villain.

There are no clues as to who resides under the high-tech cowl. Is the Arkham Knight Jason Todd, as he was in the original games? That seems unlikely, seeing as Jason is already operating under the alter- ego of Red Hood in his own comic series. Whoever the Arkham Knight turns out to be, it spells trouble for Batman and excitement for readers.

Look for Detective Comics 1000 at your local comic shop this Wednesday.

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