Hearthstone’s New Expansion Will Be Packed With Villains

by Christine Marie Attardo

It wouldn’t be Spring without a new Hearthstone expansion, am I right? The game is set to release it’s next set of cards and it’s an evil set. It’s called Rise of Shadows and it’s jam packed with villains.

Here’s the official description from Blizzard:

Hearthstone’s most infamous villains have banded together to form the League of E.V.I.L.! This coalition of bad guys has cooked up a devious scheme to take Dalaran for all its got, and with 135 cards you’ll be in on the plot. The story unfolds as the shadows rise…

As always the pre-purchase deals are worth checking out. It always seems to be worth it. The Mega Bundle is just super cool, so if you can swing it, do it. Who doesn’t want a new hero? The game promises to be a good one with over 135 new cards. Take a look at the cards that have been revealed now and get ready for Rise of Shadows release in one month!

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