Titan Comics To Publish The Autobiography Of The Year – Santa: My Life And Times

by Olly MacNamee

Anytime I hear the news that Bill Sienkiewicz has a new book out is a cause for celebration, so why wait till Christmas for this seasonal flavoured release, Santa, My Life and Times?

In Santa: My Life & Times hear, for the first time, the untold, personal story of Santa’s miraculous life – as only he could tell it. Father Christmas recounts the story of his life, from childhood, to the toyshop, right through to the mysteries of his Christmas Eve flight.

Written by Jared Green – sorry, as told to Jared Green, after all this is Kris Kringel’s autobiography – it’s edited by Titan Comics’ David Leach who had this to soya about this new project:

It really is an incredible experience to able to work on this wonderful book. The artwork is simply stunning and the story so magical that it makes you feel Christmassy regardless of the season. The legend of Santa Claus is universal, but not so his life story. This autobiography, beautifully illustrated by comic book legend Bill Sienkiewicz as told to Jared Green, gives us the opportunity to experience the wonder of Christmas in a whole new way.

So, something of a coup, y’know, getting Father Christmas to sit down and tell his life story, but it would seem Titan Comics have got that exclusive. Surely the signing of the publishing world, right? Still, enjoy the look at some of the wonderful pages below and look to grab your copy when its released this September.

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