Fangirl Turned Super Hero, Sweetie Gets First Trade Paperback This June

by James Ferguson

Sweetie, the new series from Sean Dillon and Steve Petrivelli is in the middle of its first arc, but publisher Action Lab Entertainment is already looking forward to the collected edition. Set for release this June, Sweetie: Volume 1 follows Maggie, the ultimate comic book, cartoon, and action movie fangirl, as she puts her extensive knowledge of super hero movies to good use against the evil mercenary group known as the Numbers.

The Numbers are just some of Maggie’s problems. When her classmate finds out about her “heroic” extracurricular activities, she’s got to fight through the battleground of high school in addition to stopping an invasion.

Sweetie: Volume 1 features a cover by Sean Dillon. It clocks in at 128 pages and will retail for $14.99. Look for it at your local comic shop, book store, or on Amazon on June 5th, 2019.


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