It’s Selina’s Catchelorette Party In Batman #68

by Olly MacNamee

There’s a lot of big previews out and about this week, and one of this is for Batman #368 by Tom King and Amanda Conner. Still suffering, the psychologically beaten Caped Crusader takes a look into Selina Kyle’s bachelorette party, but with Conner as the chosen artist for this issue, you’ve got to hope for some fun, right? Something she looks like she’s having when compared to Bruce’s chosen evening entertainment: eating soup with best bud, Clark. Who says money can buy you happiness?

Batman is making his way to the end of his Knightmares, but his unseen enemy has a few more tricks up his sleeve. It’s time once again to stick a knife into the Caped Crusader’s broken heart, letting the groom-that-could-have-been peer in on the bachelorette (or should that be “Catchelorette”?) party that never was. Artist Amanda Conner (Harley Quinn) rejoins the Bat-family for this month’s special story-because who else you gonna invite to a shindig like this?

Batman #68 is out Wednesday the 10th of April from DC Comics.

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