Society Collapses In The Empty Man #6

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

The leader of the Whisper Oracles gets ready for his next move while society as we know it begins to deteriorate with the latest revelations about the Empty Man virus. The Kerry Family continue their escape from the city. They’re not the only ones, and it’s causing complete chaos on the roadways. Unfortunately, other drivers are showing signs of Empty Man infection, and a bad situation continues to worsen by the second. Melissa’s mental state is crumbling too.

The Empty Man #6 cover by Vanesa R. Del Rey
The Empty Man #6 cover by Vanesa R. Del Rey

Empty Man #6 is an especially stellar issue in the Cullen Bunn and Jesus Hervas series. The crisis has progressed from panic to pandemonium, and the Kerry’s and Monica are left only able to flee and hope for some degree of safety away from the city.

Empty Man is at its strongest when it leans on the Lovecraft and away from the social commentary (I’m not against social commentary, Empty Man just has some exceedingly weak takes). Empty Man #6 works so well because, in the disaster that has manifested, you’re left to wonder if those afflicted with the virus may truly be tapped into some kind of high, eldritch truths.

The issue also takes some impressively ghoulish terms while avoiding some of the cheaper maudlin shocks like the dead infant of a few issues back. This installment taps into some truly and wonderfully strange places, and I’m 110% here for it.

The Empty Man #6 art by Jesus Hervas, Niko Guardia, and letterer Ed Dukeshire
The Empty Man #6 art by Jesus Hervas, Niko Guardia, and letterer Ed Dukeshire

Jesus Hervas’ artwork continues to be stellar, mixing the unnerving and the otherworldly with ease. Scenes can be quite grounded in their horror, or they can present unspeakable evil from beyond our realm. Niko Guardia’s color work is dim, dower, and disquieting. It’s great.

Empty Man #6 finds our protagonists trapped in a decaying city while the virus brings down society as we know it. It’s a great bit of George Romero-esque apocalypse-weaving and Lovecraftian existential terror. It’s a great horror comic and worth a recommendation. Check it out.

Empty Man #6 comes to us from writer Cullen Bunn, artist and variant cover artist Jesus Hervas, color artist Niko Guardia, letterer Ed Dukeshire, cover artist Vanesa R. Del Rey.

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